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ironing out mother nature's wrinkles

We provide the following Services:

  • Dowsing Geomancy Services and Training Consultancy

  • Emotional Coaching and Balancing

  • Drone Photography

About us

  • The Property Wellness Doctor commenced commercial operations 2017

  • Pete has 30+ years  experience in the power industry as an electrician and paraprofessional engineer and has turned his passion to help people with chronic health challenges into his dream job.

  • He clears not only buildings and environments but people, places and businesses of a range of earthly, man-made and paranormal stresses and anomalies.

  • Pete had been chronically ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for well over 20 years and finally started his wellness journey after stumbling across, Synchronicity I guess, Geomancy and its’ ability to prevent a property from making you ill and also provide a sanctuary for recovery.​governing our lifes' path and emotional well-being, and created super effective techniques to process emotional baggage and incorporate the lifes' lessons behind any looping scenarios or life patterns

  • Pete discovered universal laws 

What We Do


  • We are in the business of people and property wellness, by minimising  both emotional and environmental stressors and maximising the wellness and prosperity of yourself, family, pets, staff and businesses.

  • We treat properties world-wide using on site and remote techniques. This works on four main levels

    • Heal the land- this is surveying the property for signs of sickness by dowsing google maps or drone photos and looking for tell-tale signs in the existing vegetation and inhabitants. Here we are looking for sick underground streams etc. (Geopathic Stress)

    • Harmonising the energies existing on site-this is surveying the property and structures for stagnant energies and phenomena and clearing the space (space clearing)

    • Making it safe for humans and animals- this is surveying and treating stresses in the earth due to geological anomalies and aquafers (Geopathic Stress) , stresses in the earth’s magnetic grid due to interaction with the power grid etc. and  electromagnetic stresses from cell towers etc.

    • Removing influences hindering prosperity- including leylines, vortices and extra-ordinary influences/ anomalies.

  • We treat people world-wide using our unique emotional balancing and coaching techniques based on universal laws​

    Disclaimer | We are not health professionals and thus do not diagnose or refer. We do however work closely with health professionals to facilitate your best outcomes

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