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Property Service Reviews
Lisa Davidson-Lim

The Property Wellness Dr – Peter Hursey was introduced to me after we were having extreme unusual phenomenon at a work space I had leased. We had engaged energy healers, Reiki masters, crystals everywhere and things just kept escalating. Peter arrives and shows us a map of our office and the house down the street with a huge energy disruption intersection very close by which had been the scene of extreme violence and sick residents over the years. Peter made support structures around our office which made significant differences immediately.

I then had Peter look at my home as my youngest son who is very sensitive to energy had moved bedrooms and become severely depressed. Yes again Peter found things that were affecting him. Peter recharged the house and I immediately noticed how much more energy I had too.

Some months later I was visiting a client at home who had been being doing well with treatment in my practice but would have episodes that could not always be explained. Once in her home Instantly I could feel the energy in the house and asked Peter to take a look before I talked to the client about it. Yes Peter found some significant things in and around the house which Peter then addressed helping my client enormously and then helping her make decisions to change things in her life including selling the property.

I regularly talk to clients about the work Peter offers and how it can be a vital step in health recovery.

I have also gotten Peter to talk at workshops I run teaching clients to use frequency devices.

Peters work is joining the dots for people in so many ways.

Lisa Davidson-Lim

Natural Health Practitioner

Mobile 0409 210 720


Máire Gleeson 

reviewed The Property Wellness Doctor – 5 star 7 November 2017 · 

Pete has helped me so much to overcome many stresses in my life, from my working environment to my health. Living in Ireland has not prevented Pete from assessing my home and office, he has been using maps and photos to check the overall health of my property with remarkable results. I highly recommend Pete and don't let distance stop you from contacting this amazingly talented man.


Jennifer Watson 

reviewed The Property Wellness Doctor – 5 star

3 January 2018 · 

Within 24 hours my anxiety had gone. Within 3 days everyone in the house was happier. Thanks for making this Christmas a happy one with lots of laughter


Kym Meure 
reviewed The Property Wellness Doctor – 5 star

18 July 2018 · 

For two and a half years I was in great pain, pain that developed into excruciating pain that the doctors couldn't find a reason for and would only prescribe opiods and anti depressants. I went to four different doctors and was told the same thing. Surgery and anti depressants. I don't give in that easy. I like to find the reason behind my illness not just bandaide it. So I went to different alternative therapists and was told about Pete and his land healing. I needed to give it a go. And I am so so pleased I did.

Pete showed me where the ley lines where on my six acre property. I looked at trees that I had planted next to each other and one was healthy and thriving, the other was dying. This ley line went right through my house and my where my bed is

I was very emotional when I saw what was actually happening here. The trees I had planted that were on the ley line were dying. My bed was in that direct path, I felt like I was dying and looking at my trees, the message was clear.

Pete did his stuff around my house and that first night, I actually slept for more than 10 minutes at a time. The pain usually kept me awake but this night I slept. Oh man was it good. Since that night the pain has gradually left my body and today I am about 95 % pain free. I am so grateful for the use of my hands again. I walk to my car and feel so free because I can now walk without pain. I love it so much. Thanks Pete, thanks so much. 
Pete also looks after you for three months after the property healing. I also found that to be very supportive. I needed it as Pete was doing some fine tuning of the energy in and around my house.

I had Pete work on the houses of both my children and they have also found it to be most beneficial.

Seriously, do this, get Pete in if you are unwell or unhappy. Especially if it has been going on for a long time. You will be amazed at the change. I am so very grateful.

Keep up the good work Pete!



Kathy Baker 

Love your work Pete! You made such a difference to the two properties you cleared for me.



Simone-Northern Tasmania

"Hey Pete
 It's been great I have such a positive energy now I am getting back into spiritual practices and books listening to great stuff and feeling good about it. My attitude has a major turn around I am waking up feeling great and happy and being consciously happy. Much more motivation and I kindly said no to my mother yesterday which has been a hard thing for me to do and it was always making me angry but I can see now I don't have to say yes to her if I don't feel good about it, that's big because to me she is a very dominating person.
It's like a veil has lifted and I can see so much more clearly. I can't thank you enough for your help, it's really is life changing.    Blessings"    

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