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Ongoing maintenance is an important activity to undertake

  • We recommend confirming the effectiveness of the initial cures within three months and then every six months.
  • This initially allows the energy in the house to settle, maintains the effectiveness of the installed cures and allows any new stresses to be identified and cured before you, your family or staff experience any long term health challenges from where you live and work.
  • New stresses are often forming within our properties such as:
    • the earths' crust is continually moving;
    • rooms are being rearranged;
    • electrical appliances are added and;
    • cell towers and power lines are popping up all over the place. 
What can you do to fix and protect you and your home?
Step 1. Ask us to survey you home or office for these stresses.
We can conduct an initial desktop audit then provide a comprehensive site review.
Step 2.  Get out of it!
The easiest way to avoid the Stress is to move your furniture so that your bed, desk, sofa, or any other furniture you spend a great deal of time sitting, standing or lying on, is out of harm’s way.  
Often the way your house is designed limits your ability to move away from these stresses and  is usually the case.
The cost of moving house is prohibitive and you may be moving to a similar of worse situation?
Step 3. Get rid of it!
Most stresses can be economically and effectively cured, neutralised and maintained and that folks is what we do!
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