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Smoothing out Mother Natures Wrinkles

Have you been suffering from long term health issues and your health and wellbeing is not up to scratch?

Have you ever thought I'm eating the right food, exercising and got the best health care professionals available.   But why aren't I reaping the rewards I expected from all of this?  

Is your business struggling despite implementing sound business practices?

There may be environmental stresses and natural phenomena, within your work or  living environment or property due to geological / geomagnetic anomalies, tragic events or our modern worlds' interaction with earthly magnetic fields.

These stresses don't by themselves cause disease but lower our immune systems and leave us prone to disease.

Is Feng Sui or Dowsing the answer to correct the property health?


What about the health of your animals in stables and pens?


Is there a spot in the garden or paddock where plants struggle, die or are infested with parasites?


The problem is likely to be in your living or working environments and unfortunately most properties have these stresses and for most of us moving is not an option.

I might have the answers and solutions.

These stresses don't by themselves cause disease but lower our immune systems and leave us prone to disease and prevent us from thriving in our lives.

By removing the stresses around your property you can solve many problems and allow you to experience better long term health outcomes and positive relationships.  You can improve sleep patterns, mental health and speed up recovery times, following an illness.

Even your dog, cat or family pet member can benefit from the removal of negative forces within their environment making them much happier and healthier.

Check out our stresses page for typical indicators of stresses within your property or work environment.

The good news is we can help you.


“Property Wellness Doctor Geomancy” provides the following products and services;

  • Onsite and remote property surveys and assessments

  • Onsite and remote property treatments and maintenance

  • Online and onsite training packages in “Foundations for Energy Mastery”

  • Training packages in “Property Wellness Doctor Geomancy”

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